Assassin’s Creed Valhalla released a few months ago and received some excellent response from players. Being an RPG helped the series a lot as players now spend more time searching for legendary items and some hidden Isu weapons.

Below is a list of Top 10 items that you must have in Valhalla, and if you want to find out How To Unlock these items, click on the video below.

Top 10 items you must have!

1. Excalibur

Excalibur is a longsword. To unlock it, you need to collect all 11 tablets, 8 of which you get from Treasure of Britain puzzles, and receive the remaining 4 when you assassinate Hiekie, Woden, Hrothgar. Check out the video above for exact locations and stats.

Perk- Heavy finishers blinds all enemies around.

2. Gungnir

This Isu weapon is available from the start, but you have to complete the “A Brother’s Keeper” quest to unlock it. Gungnir is located inside a cave in Hordafylke, Norway. It can reach targets far from your range; this weapon is fantastic for ranged combat and significant damage.

Perk- The spear’s reach is extended by a force field.

3. Thor’s Set

Thor’s set is an end game gear because to unlock it ultimately, you need to be at power 340, which makes it a bit useless as by the time you will get it, you already played a significant part of the game, but with the substantial post-launch support planned for Valhalla, this weapon is a must-have for sure. You can unlock it by defeating all three Daughters of Lerion; you will get a piece of Thor’s set and a dragger. Use these draggers on a statue in East Anglia to unlock a hidden path where you will find Thor’s helmet, and defeating all the members of the order of the ancient will grant you the cape.

Perk- Increases speed when stunning an enemy.

4. Mjolnir

To unlock Mjolnir, you need to unlock Thor’s set and visit a specific location in Hordafylke, Norway; with the Thor set equipped there, you will find the weapon of the mighty Thor stuck inside a rock.

Perk- Every hit has a chance to do stun damage to enemies all around.

5. Soldier’s Flail

Soldier’s Flail is an extremely lethal weapon that can kill any enemy, even enemies with high power level instantly, and with just one combo, i.e. press L1 multiple times and then hold it to have unlimited combo until your stamina runs… Off . It is obtained from a chest in Chepeham, Hamtunschire.

Perk- Increases speed when close to full health.

6. Curative Guard Rune

One of the most useful runes in Valhalla is the curative guard rune; you can obtain it in various ways: merchants, zealots, elite enemies, etc

Perk- It replenishes your health while parrying.

7. Hidden Ones Set

One of the most beautiful Armours set in Valhalla is the Hidden One’s Set which reminds us of the old Assassin’s Creed games, and to unlock it; you must collect all the gear present inside the Assassin bureau.

Perk- Increase assassination damage when crouched and undetected for 10 seconds.

8. Kopis

Kopis is a one-handed dragger unlocked automatically after completing the Suthsexe arc.

Perk- Restores some amount of health after each critical hit.

9. Huntsman Set

If you ask me the best range set in the game, my answer will be the Huntsman set. Without any doubt, it is just too good; also, adding some range runes to the set increases the damage making it one of the best builds in Valhalla.

Perk- Increase ranged damage while hitting enemies further than 20m away.

10. Nodens’ Arc

Nodens’ Arc is a secret bow that was discovered by Accesstheanimus months after the game’s release. This bow has a very unique unlock condition as we need the Excalibur to unlock it.

Perk- Increase attack the further you are from your target.

As we have said earlier, we have only listed the items with their perks. If you want a complete guide on how to unlock them, then watch this video.