Death Stranding has set a new record for the biggest launch sales of a new IP in Japan this generation with 185,909 copies sold. This record was previously held by Judgement, which sold 153,577 copies during its first week in Japan. The table below shows the biggest new IP retail launches in Japan for the generation.

DS Sales

Its launch is very impressive, mainly because the game is a brand new and purposefully weird IP, which is a lot different from the previous works of Hideo Kojima. It is a much more unique game than Judgment, Sekiro, and Bloodborne, which were the previous record-holders for the biggest new retail IP launch of the generation in Japan.

In the UK, Death Stranding was the second biggest PS4 exclusive game to launch this year. It sold 36% less than Days Gone. It will be interesting to see how much Kojima’s new opus sells in the upcoming weeks as the player’s reception has been much more positive than the critic response.

Source: Game Data Library