Back in 2019, there were speculations that Volition is working on a new Saints Row game, and after the official Twitter account started posting teasers (before E3), hinting towards the next game; this made everyone believe that an official announcement is coming at E3; the hype among the fans increased.

But when no announcement came during E3, all the excitement went down, which made the fans furious, and it led the community manager Mike Watson also known as Idolninja (a fantastic guy), to clear the mess up. He explained to Reddit that the Twitter post was a mistake, and currently, there are no plans to announce their next game.

Two months after the E3 mess, in August of 2019, Volition officially confirmed that a new Saints Row game is in development.

Volition’s short statement created a considerable buzz in the Saints Row community, and everyone started speculating about the next game. 

The Great Silence.

In an official statement from Koch media in 2019, the head of the studio said, “Saints Row is very close to our hearts, and we’ll talk about it next year, for the time being, we just wanted to get the word out that it’s coming and it’s going to be great”.

We are in 2021, and we still have no news for the game, so is it possible that the game delayed internally? Well, According to the Embracer group (Volition parent company), this is indeed what happened. In an investors call, The Embracer Group inadvertently confirmed delays for two of its biggest upcoming games: Dead Island 2 and The next Saints Row.

Only Jhonny Gat knows where is SR5……Wait!!.

Company CEO Lars Wingefors says plans have changed in the latest financial report, and no major AAA game is coming between March 2020- March 2021. He further added that “Looking into the next financial year ending March 31, 2022, we expect continued organic growth driven by a further increase in the value of completed games, including the first AAA games releases since Metro Exodus.

Saints Row can fall into this release window, so we can expect the game to release this holiday or early next year. Still, it’s been over a year now since the official announcement, and we haven’t seen any news regarding the next Saints row title. 

Is it still in development or not? Well, to remove the confusion, Volition recently confirmed that the game is still in full development, but they can’t say anything else at the moment.

Another person asked about how much fun is it compared to the previous games; they responded with a gif, which does not confirm much but still gives a little hope that we might see a Saints Row game that fans are demanding for nearly a decade.

So, what is going on with the next Saints Row game?. We have compiled some rumours and speculation that followed after the announcement. All of this can either be true or be completely bulls**t.


This leak originated from 4-chan (like every rumour these days), the site famous for leaking games before the official announcement. According to the leak, the main plot will be a continuation of Saints Row 3’s plot, and Saints Row 4 and Gat Out of Hell got retconned as a crazy in-universe TV show. The main story revolves around how the Saints become an evil corporate empire similar to Ultor; you play as a new protagonist as you go against the Saints, the game’s main antagonist. There are other gangs as well; one of them is a motorcycle gang called the Wolf pack.

The Saints As The Antagonist…Hell No I ain’t putting a Bullet through Shaundi.

The next Saints Row will also introduce Choices as there are some story-related choices you can make. For example, you can ally with a gang to go against the Saints.

The leaker further added that Saints choose this path because of GAT, who is kept dead, and after his death, the Saints became corrupt, soulless corporate bullies. The old boss (the player character from previous games) now wears a cool looking mask that makes their voice muffled and tactical body armour, so their look is open to interpretation.

The game setting is a modern version of Stilwater (the city from SR1 & 2). However, the overall map size has increased as Volition has added vast countrysides and other areas.

Another Art From The Cancelled Saints Row Part 4.

The rumour mentioned that the graphics look like Saints Row The Third remastered but better, as its more realistic and less cartoony, which doesn’t sound right as SRTT remastered looks good but releasing a game with similar graphics in 2021 or 2022 is not a good idea.

One more thing in the leak that fans from the original trilogy may like is that the next game will not feature any superpowers, and it is going back to its roots, as the tone of the game will be in between SR2 and SRTT.

Saints Row 5 Graphics are Rumoured to be Better Than SRTT Remastered…DUH..

Regarding the gameplay, the leaker said that the Character customization is similar to Saints Row 2; you can wear clothing pieces in multiple ways. Sliders are there for each body part this time, so you can go all the way in creating weird monstrosities.

Dick censorship is also going to change, and it’s a black bar that has swinging physics; this is interesting as Volition themselves wanted to do this in Saints Row 3 but were unable to because of coding issues and time constraints.

With No Limitations On Current-Gen Hardware We Might See Some Amazing Things In SR5 😉

The Weapon customization will be a lot deeper this time as you can put on different scopes and camos and switch between ammo types. The rumour mentions a 4 Player co-op mode, with difficulty scaling. And a multiplayer mode with 32 players free-roam gang warfare with activities like Deathmatch activating dynamically in the world. If your gang wins Deathmatch, you’ll gain small territory as part of a more significant region in your lobby; this won’t be global so that each lobby will have different territories controlled by different gangs. Sadly no destructible environments, but physics like ragdolls and driving are improved a lot. 

Saints Row Part 4 (Cancelled Game)Concept Art.

Finally, some other details given in the leak are that the game is in a playable state. Volition has invited tons of people from the Saints Row community and some YouTube influencers to check it out who are all under NDA.

This statement checks out as a Youtuber by the name SaintsGodzilla mentioned in a video that he played the next Saints Row game, but further added that he could not say anything as he is under NDA. According to the leak, Volition might show the trailer 2020, which turned out to be false, but that can be because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and lastly, the leak mentioned next Saints Row to come out in late 2021, or even 2022.


So much wait and excitement for the next game the Saints Row community and we at Gamejagat have made some speculations on when & where we will see the official trailer and the game.

So, below is everything that the fans want; nothing is confirmed and take everything as a wishlist.

Only this Santa can grant our wishes regarding SR5.

With an AAA IP like Saints Row, Koch media will be looking to announce it during a big press conference. So we may see the announcement happening at Microsoft’s next big Xbox event as both Saints Row and Xbox has a connection, i.e. the original Saints Row, an Xbox exclusive.

Considering that the parent company has changed since the series’s inception, So Playstation grabbing Saints Row’s marketing rights is also possible, and they might reveal it at their event. Last year, we also heard the rumour that sony is acquiring marketing rights for many big titles like FFXVI & more, which eventually came out to be true. Can Saints row be one of those titles?

As we mentioned earlier, the YouTuber SaintsGodzilla said that he played the game in 2019, which means that it was in a playable state since 2019. So it must be in development for a year at least.

On average, a AAA game takes 3-4 years to develop. Hence we can assume that it will release in 2022 or 2021 fall; that may change however, depending upon the scale of the game that they want to develop and if Volition wants to compete with the next GTA, which will release around the same time, they might take few extra years to add more content and a Saints Row Multiplayer mode as well. 

Hope we will see the Saints in action soon!

So this was everything that we know about the next Saints Row title, and we can’t wait for the official trailer. However, until then, all we can do is create a list of things we want & hope Volition does justice to one of the best gaming franchises by making it less over the top but more badass.